Somnis radiants (2023) for piano

Somnis radiants (Radiant dreams) (2023) for piano was written for and dedicated to Jaeden Izik-Dzurko, the 23-year old Canadian first prize winner of the 2022 Maria Canals Piano Competition.

After listening to Jaeden’s version of two movements of Portraits at the Canals competition, I became captivated by his colourful and multidimensional playing, as well as the sincerity and depth of all his performances, and his communicating abilities. Although Canadian, Jaeden’s family background is Hungarian and Ukrainian, and we both perhaps share some historical/cultural interests in color (timbre), light (mode/harmonic contrasts), intervallic distances and geometry, development of melodic/rhythmic motives, as well as an interest in polyphonic texture and the music of J.S. Bach.

Somnis radiants is the product of a kind of meeting of the minds. Being a Spanish/Catalan by birth, I have always needed light and color in my life (I used to paint and draw) and I think visually and geometrically, including in music. I am especially sensitive to intervallic distances and their directional tendencies, horizontally and vertically. Radiant dreams incorporate a high level of interaction/dialogue between right and left hand, harmonic and registral (timbre) changes, motivic development, spaced-out intervals and chords, and polyphonic texture. As for the spirit of the music, this work does not describe impressions but real feelings of warmth and luminosity emanating from a floating and dreaming world.

Structurally, I use a modified sonata-allegro form interpreted more as an emotional and psychological structure rather than the result of a functional use of keys. The tension in the piece is established by increased/decrease intervallic tension, modal changes, and melodic/rhythmic development and variation. There are essential melodic/rhythmic motives that tie it together. For example, toward the end, a wide-spaced ascending intervallic motive finally appears in its entirety and is calmly repeated sequentially in pianissimo. This motive comes from Image (first movement of Portraits) and is used and developed (sometimes in disguise) in many parts of the work. A more passionate and emotive passage from a climax of Image is borrowed, although transformed, and also used at a climactic point in the piece. In general, certain melodic/rhythmic motives are essential to the creation of this composition.

Somnis radiants is published by Hidden Oaks Music Company, and available for sale at the  web site.

Homenatge a Mompou, for piano solo (2007)

Duration: 7 ‘
Commissioned by Dutch pianist Marcel Worms.
Premiered by Marcel Worms (November 2007) in a all-Mompou Festival in Amsterdam at the Noorderkerk, a beautiful church in the centre of Amsterdam, and at the Bethaniënklooster, a former 15th century monastery in the Wallen ‘red light’ district in Amsterdam.

PROGRAM NOTES (read more)

Published by Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag.



Mirage, for solo piano (1997)

Duration: 9’30”
Commissioned for the 1997 San Antonio International Piano Competition in Memory of Andrew Russell Gurwitz.
World premiere by pianist Roger Wright at the Ruth Taylor Hall at Trinity University, San Antonio, TX, in October 1997.
New York premiere at Merkin Recital Hall by San Antonio International Piano Competition Gold Medalist Mi-Jung Im in March 1998.
Asian premiere at Kumamoto College of Music in Japan performed by the composer in April 1998.

“Virtuosic work that makes equal demands on a pianist’s technique, lyricism and sense of form.” San Antonio Express-News.

Program Notes: Mirage

Mirage motivic analysis from thesis

Published by Hidden Oaks Music Company.

Lyric scenes for the young for solo piano (1999)

Duration: 6 ‘
Commissioned by Dr. Francis Kane of San Antonio.

Six contrasting lyrical and generally slow paced pieces with an introspective quality.
Late intermediate level.

I. The little soldier
II. Andalusian landscape
III. Remembrance
IV. Children at play
V. A far away kingdom
VI. Catch me if you can.

Published by Hidden Oaks Music Company.

Portraits I for solo piano (2000)

Duration: 18-20′
Commissioned by the Texas Music Teachers Association and dedicated to pianist Roger Wright.
World premiere by Roger Wright at the 2000 TMTA State Convention in Austin, TX, June 10-14, 2000.
Shepherd Distinguished Composer of the Year Award from MTNA in 2001.
Performance history.

“It was a privilege to give the premiere of Portraits I, a richly colored multi-movement work by the gifted composer Elisenda Fabregas. Fabregas artfully suspends moods from evocative to plaintive and poignant to payful, with a style that is uniquely hers, while always attending to the overall scope in a convincing and refreshing manner. It is utterly pianistic – I adore it, and will perform it again and again.” Roger Wright

PROGRAM NOTES (read more)

I. Image (audio)
II. Capriccio (audio)
III. Lament (audio)
IV. Intermezzo (audio)
V. Toccata (audio)

Video of IV. Intermezzo and V. Toccata

performed by Jaeden Izik-Dzurko, first prize winner of the Maria Canals Piano Competition in 2022

Portraits I, as well as other 3 piano pieces (Mirage, Homenatge a Mompou, and Homage to Mozart) are included in the suggested repertoire of the 2024 Maria Canals Piano Competition.

Published by Hidden Oaks Music Company.


Album for the Young for piano (2002) (three books)

Duration: 29′

The album is a collection of thirty-four short pieces ranging from early to late intermediate level. They are organized in three books in order of difficulty. These pieces are one or two pages long and cover a wide range of styles: from Renaissance to contemporary in the first two books, and Spanish and Latin American idioms in the third book. Fingering, pedaling articulation marks and other performance indications are provided for each piece. The writing is melodic and non-polyphonic making it more accessible to the early intermediate student. All the pieces are usually in ABA form. All three books are available from Hidden Oaks Music Company.

“Here is real piano music imaginatively written with clever and interesting rhythms and beautiful harmonic coloring. It is a joy to have all three volumes of these pieces. Young students to adults will enjoy these eminently pianistic and delightful works that display a wide variety of styles.” Professor Maurice Hinson.

BOOK I (read more) 

The puppy dog, At the monastery, March of the tortoises, Waltz of the peacoks, Medieval monk’s chant, Elizabethan dance, Hide and seek, Echoes from the past, Drifting clouds (Homage to Debussy), A little goat, Song of the boatman, Platero, the baby donkey, Gigue (Homage to J.S. Bach).

BOOK II (read more) 

Enchanted mesa (A Native-American landscape), Merry-go-roung, Ragtime, Sicilienne, Joggin, Daydreams, Toccata, The soldier’s ghost, Woodpeckers at work, Cloudy day, The runaway clock, A breezy afternoon, Dance of the chipmunks.

BOOK III (read more) 

Spanish fiesta, Nana (Spanish lullaby), Sardana (Catalonian dance), Jota (dance of Northeast Spain), Habanera (Cuban/Spanish dance), Tango, Homage to Ginastera.

Published by Hidden Oaks Music Company.

Miniatures for the Young for piano in three books (2004)

Duration: 20′
Miniatures for the Young were commissioned by Dr. Charles Goodhue of San Antonio, TX, on the occasion of a recital of his piano students on May 15, 2004. Most of theses pieces were premiered and performed by Dr. Charles Goodhue piano students at San Pedro Presbyterian Church on 281 in San Antonio on May 15, 2004.

BOOK I (grades 1 and 2)
Magic snowflake, Ghost lament, Playful seals, Baby jellyfish, Medieval procession, Sleepy angels, Saturday morning.

BOOK II (grades 2 and 3)
The mouse on a motorcycle, Cloister bells, On the western trail, March of the puppets, March of the fire ants, Harvest festival, The duckling.

BOOK III (grades 3 to 5)
Apache war dance, Dinosaur footprints, First Chinese New Year, Second Chinese New Year, Spanish guitar, Song of the ‘infant’ Arabian princess, Song of the Arabian princess.

Published by Hidden Oaks Music Company

Hommage à Mozart (2005)

Duration: 10′
Written for pianist Eric Himy in conmemoration of the 250th anniversary of Mozart’s death 2006.
Multiple performances partially sponsored by the American Composers Forum through its Encore Program, supporting repeat performances of new works.

2006-07  Performances.

Published by Hofmeister Musikverlag.

FH 3288

Full performance of Homage a Mozart on Centaur records performed by Eric Himy.


FH 3288