Miniatures for the Young for piano in three books (2004)

Duration: 20′
Miniatures for the Young were commissioned by Dr. Charles Goodhue of San Antonio, TX, on the occasion of a recital of his piano students on May 15, 2004. Most of theses pieces were premiered and performed by Dr. Charles Goodhue piano students at San Pedro Presbyterian Church on 281 in San Antonio on May 15, 2004.

BOOK I (grades 1 and 2)
Magic snowflake, Ghost lament, Playful seals, Baby jellyfish, Medieval procession, Sleepy angels, Saturday morning.

BOOK II (grades 2 and 3)
The mouse on a motorcycle, Cloister bells, On the western trail, March of the puppets, March of the fire ants, Harvest festival, The duckling.

BOOK III (grades 3 to 5)
Apache war dance, Dinosaur footprints, First Chinese New Year, Second Chinese New Year, Spanish guitar, Song of the ‘infant’ Arabian princess, Song of the Arabian princess.

Published by Hidden Oaks Music Company