Portraits I for solo piano (2000)

Duration: 18-20′
Commissioned by the Texas Music Teachers Association and dedicated to pianist Roger Wright.
World premiere by Roger Wright at the 2000 TMTA State Convention in Austin, TX, June 10-14, 2000.
Shepherd Distinguished Composer of the Year Award from MTNA in 2001.
Performance history.

“It was a privilege to give the premiere of Portraits I, a richly colored multi-movement work by the gifted composer Elisenda Fabregas. Fabregas artfully suspends moods from evocative to plaintive and poignant to payful, with a style that is uniquely hers, while always attending to the overall scope in a convincing and refreshing manner. It is utterly pianistic – I adore it, and will perform it again and again.” Roger Wright

PROGRAM NOTES (read more)

I. Image (audio)
II. Capriccio (audio)
III. Lament (audio)
IV. Intermezzo (audio)
V. Toccata (audio)

Video of IV. Intermezzo and V. Toccata

performed by Jaeden Izik-Dzurko, first prize winner of the Maria Canals Piano Competition in 2022

Portraits I, as well as other 3 piano pieces (Mirage, Homenatge a Mompou, and Homage to Mozart) are included in the suggested repertoire of the 2024 Maria Canals Piano Competition.

Published by Hidden Oaks Music Company.