‘Castell de Miravet’ for Cobla (Memorial Joaquim Serra) commissioned by Agrupació Folklorica Barcelona and Musics per la Cobla. Premiere on November 21, 2022, 19:00

  • The Agrupació Cultural Folklòrica Barcelona in collaboration with Músics per la Cobla has commissioned a new work for the Memorial Joaquim Serra 2022. Titled Castell de Miravet, this new work will celebrate the hundred years anniversary of Agrupació Cultural Folklòrica Barcelona at the premiere on November 21, 2022, 19:00. It will premiered by Cobla San Jordi-ciutat de Barcelona conducted by Marcel Sabaté at Casino de l’Aliança del Poblenou (Barcelona). Castell de Mirabet was recorded on June 29, 2022, on CD and available at the premiere in November 2022. 


Retorn a la terra (Return to the homeland) (2012) for narrator, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, percussion, violin, and double bass

Duration: 20′. Premiere on May 26, 2012, by the Virtuoso Ensemble under the direction of Unai Urrecho and Jong Hoon Yoo narrator Hwaseong Arts Center (Ban Sook Concert Hall of the Dong Tan Art Center of Hwaseong), South-Korea.  The Virtuoso Ensemble included Rodrigo Puskás, violin; Hyo Sun Lee, double bass; Hyonsuk Kim, clarinet; Nguyen Bao Anh, bassoon; Eric Robins, trumpet; Lim Hyun Su, trombone; and Kevin Clarke, percussion.

This composition was inspired by two Catalan poems: Retorn a Catalunya by Josep Carner and La Sardana by Joan Maragall. The first poem is narrated in its entirety and certain parts repeated at certain points in the first and second movements. Carner’s poem portrays the excitement of the poet returning to his native country describing the most characteristic attributes. In the first movement the music is inspired by the anticipation of the return, the excitement at seeing familiar landscapes and vegetation, as well as meeting the Catalan people; in the second movement, connected to the first without a stop, the music freely uses a melancholic Catalan melody that imbues a religious tone to the entire movement. The third movement uses the basic ‘sardana’ rhythm as well as certain melodic turns typical of sardana’s melodies.

Retorn a la terra uses the same instrumentation as L’Histoire du soldat by Stravinsky, and both works were performed at the concert.  Retorn a la terra consists of three movements (the first two are connected.)

I.   La terra de foc (The land of fire)
II.  Records (Memories)
III. Dança (Dance)

Youtube Video of premiere

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Winged serpent for clarinet and piano (2001)

Duration: 10′ 30″
Written for and premiered by Kevin Schempf and the composer at the Bowling Green New Music Festival in October 2001.

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Portraits II for flute, violin, cello and piano (1999/2003)

Duration: 17′
Arranged for Quarteto Sereno and premiered on June 11, 2003, by Quarteto Sereno at the Gustav Luebcke Museum Hamm (Germany) in honor of a Picasso Exhibition.

Version of Portraits II for clarinet, violin, cello and piano available.

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Voces de mi tierra for flute, cello and piano (2003)

Duration: 18’30”
Written, for the Meininger-Trio.
Premiered at the 15th International Bodensee Festival in Meersburg, Germany, on May 24, 2003.
Performance History

Voces de mi tierra is a tribute to my native country and to the Spanish music that I love so much. Even though the melodies are distinctively Spanish I have not borrowed from Spanish music folklore.

I.    El Cortejo (Courtship)
II.   Noche en la Alhambra (Night in the Alhambra)
III. La moza y el gitano (Scherzando) (The peasant and the gypsy)
IV. Gigue 

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Goyescas for flute, viola and piano (2009)

Duration: 20′
This is an arrangement of the piece of the same title (Goyescas) for flute & guitar. The flute & guitar version was written for flutist Marina Piccinini and guitarist Emanuele Segre
It was premiered on January 23, 2009 at the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society.
The flute, viola and piano arrangement was made for Ensemble Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain. It was premiered on June 28, 2009 at the International Music Festival of Sitges (Concerts de Mitjanit)

I.     Pregón
II.    La familia de Carlos IV (The family of Charles IV)
III.   Las majas en el balcón (The maiden on the balcony)
IV.   El sueño (The dream)
V.  La fragua (The foundry)
VI. El entierro de la sardina (The burial of the sardine)

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Sonata for flute and piano (1996)

Duration: 15′
Commissioned by Tallon Perkes, principal flutist of the San Antonio Symphony.
World premiere by Tallon Perkes and the composer at the New Music Festival at the University of Texas at San Antonio in March 1997.
New York premiere by Tallon Perkes and the composer at the 1996 National Flute Convention in New York City in August 1996.
European premiere at the Lochotinsky Pavilon in Plzen, Czechoslovakia in December 1996.
Asian premiere of the first movement at the United Nations Conference on Women’s Rights in BeijingChina: Kuumba Stage in Huiarou (September 8,1995) and Lon Shan Auditorium in Huiarou (September 7, 1995) performed by flutist Barbara Siesel and the composer.
Performance History 

I. Allegro con spirito 
II. Largo 
III. Scherzo 
IV. Allegro molto con brio 

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Andante Appassionato for flute solo (1996)

Duration: 5’20”
Commissioned by Tallon Sterling Perkes, principal flutist of the San Antonio Symphony.
World premiere by Tallon Perkes at the San Antonio Museum of Art, TX, in November 1996.
Asian premiere by Tallon Perkes at the Oguni Art Museum in Kumamoto, Japan, in April 1998.


“An unabashedly romantic work infused with dynamic rhythmic intensity and evocative melodies requiring a soulful and virtuosic temperament.” Tallon Sterling Perkes

Published by Alphonse Leduc &Cie.

Five Poems of García Lorca for soprano, clarinet, cello and piano (1992)

Duration: 12′
Poetry by Federico Garcia Lorca in Spanish
Commissioned by the Gotham Ensemble

New York premiere at the”Village Variations” Concert Series Greenwich House Music School, New York, by the Gotham Ensemble and guest soprano Cheryl Marshall (10/8/92).

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Gacelas de amor for mezzo-soprano, flute and piano (2009)

Duration: 9′ 30″

Based on three poems (in Spanish) by Federico Garcia Lorca from the collections Diwan del Tamarit (1931-1934) and Canciones.

Commissioned by and written for Christiane Meininger, flute; Jörg Waschinski, male soprano; and Rainer Gepp, piano.
World premiere at the Zentrum for Information und Bildung in Unna, Germany. Sponsored by the American Embassy in Berlin, the Center for International Light Art in Unna (Germany) and a travel grant from the Peabody Institute of John Hopkins University.
See full concert program.
Read Concert review (in German) and in English).

I. El amor desesperado
II. Lucia Martinez
III. El amor maravilloso

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