Three performances in Germany – September 4 – 5 and October 14, 2010

Gacelas de Amor (2009)

for soprano, flute and piano
(poetry by Federico Garcia Lorca)
Jörg Waschinski and the Meininger-Trio 
Grunstadter Sternstunden – September 4, 2010 
Bingen – September 5, 2010 
Muenchen at the Gasteig, Kleiner Saal – October 14, 2010

Gacelas de amor (2009) is based on three poems by Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca (from the collection Gacelas,from Diwan del Tamarit (1931-1934). In his Gacelas, the passionate and sensual voice of Lorca burns with maximum intensity. The Gacelas are amorous and erotic in nature and portray metaphorically both the suffering and ecstasy brought by ‘romantic’ love. Musically this work is set in an evocative but subtle Spanish musical atmosphere with modal overtones.

This work was commissioned by Christiane Meininger and written for Jörg Waschinski, male soprano; Christiane Meininger, flute; and Rainer Gepp, piano. See full concert program.
The premiere took place at the Center for International Light Art in Unna (Germany) on June 18, 2009. Read Concert review (in German) (in English).


Rainer Gepp, Elisenda Fabregas, Jorg Waschinski and Christiane Meininger after the premiere of Gacelas de Amor on June 18, 2009.

This concert was sponsored by the American Embassy, the Zentrum for Information und Bildung in Unna, the Center for International Light Art in Unna (Germany) and a travel grant from the Peabody Institute of John Hopkins University