Two new works for violin

written for Hungarian concert violinist

Rodrigo Puskás

Ancient Walls for solo violin (2012) 
Wandering spirit for violin and piano (2013) 

Hungarian concert violinist Rodrigo Puskás superb artistry and distintive style of playing, characterized by a ‘beautifully moving and warm’ singing tone, along with breathtaking virtuosity, inspired the composer to write two works for him.

Ancient walls (2012) is a one-movement work for the violin that echoes the sounds of the ancient world. The title is a metaphor for the ‘walls’ that, literally and figuratively, sometimes separate cultures and people from each other; and also alludes to the common European heritage shared by Puskás and the composer, both natives of fiercely independent cultures that have struggled over time to retain their identity.
Ancient Walls is published by Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag. 

Wandering spirit for violin and piano (2013) is a musical metaphor for the quest for truth, which is symbolized musically by moments of discovery, with longing and soaring solo lines in the violin, and moments of struggle marked by dissonant interaction between the violin and the piano. This work ends with a bright major harmony through which both the music resolves and the quest comes to an end.
Wandering spirit is published by Hidden Oaks Music Company.