Goyescas for flute and guitar (2008)

Duration: 20′
Goyescas for flute & guitar (2008) was commissioned by flutist Marina Piccinini and guitarist Emanuele Segre.
Premiere by Piccinini and Segre at the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society on January 23, 2009.
Goyescas is inspired by five paintings of Francisco Goya.  Click here for  GOYAS’ PAINTINGS

I.      Pregón
II.    La familia de Carlos IV (The family of Charles IV)
III.   Las majas en el balcón (The maiden on the balcony)
IV.   El sueño (The dream)
V.     La fragua (The foundry)
VI.   La gallina ciega (Blind men’s bluff)

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Published by Hidden Oaks Music Company.