Amb veu de dona: Art Songs by Catalan Women composers

This album includes Tiempo de amor (Time of love) by Elisenda Fábregas as well as works by Catalan women composers such as Anna Cazurra, and Carlota Garriga. Performers are Patricia Caicedo, soprano; Lenine Santos, tenor; Nikos Stavlas, piano
Tiempo de amor for soprano, tenor and piano was commissioned by the 2015 Barcelona Festival of Song and director/soprano Patricia Caicedo. Premiered on June 27, 2015, by Patricia Caicedo, soprano, Lenine Santos, tenor, and Nikos Stavlas, piano.

Tiempo de amor (2015) for soprano, tenor and piano is set to texts in Spanish by Andalusi poet Ibn Zaydun (1003-1071) and princess Wallada (1011-1091). Both poets were born in Cordoba at the height of the Al-Andalous culture in Spain and were known as the lovers of Cordoba, due to their passionate love relationship. The text used in this work are fragments of the letters they wrote to each other, which have come to us through Wallada in the form of poems.

This song cycle includes six songs that are sung without a break. The tenor (Ibn Zaydun) and soprano (Wallada) sing alternate songs as if it were a dialogue, sometimes questioning each other or commenting on the state of their relationship. The text of the last song are the epitaphs written in a monument in Cordoba dedicated to them.