Coloured minds (2022) for piano

Coloured minds (2022) for piano was commissioned by and dedicated to Jaeden Izik-Dzurko, a 23 year old Canadian pianist first prize winner of the 2022 Maria Canals Piano Competition, 2022 Santander Paloma O’Shea, and 2022 Hilton Head Piano Competition.

World Premiere on June 8, 2023, Ruhr Piano festival in Essen, Germany by Jaeden Izik-Dzurko

Spanish premiere on June 14, 2023, at Auditorio Nacional de Musica de Madrid by Jaeden Izik-Dzurko

Program notes:

After listening to Jaeden’s version of my composition Portraits I at the Canals competition, I became captivated by his colourful and multidimensional playing, as well as the sincerity of all his performances. Although Canadian, Jaeden’s family background is Hungarian and Ukrainian, and we both have some common interests in color (timbre), light (harmonic contrasts), intervallic distance and geometry, melodic and rhythmic motives, and musical polyphony.

Coloured minds is then the product of a kind of meeting of the minds. Being a Spanish-Catalan by birth, I have always been interested in color and light (I used to paint and draw) and I think visually and geometrically, including in music. I am especially sensitive to intervals and their directional tendencies, horizontally and vertically. Coloured minds incorporates a high level of interaction between right and left hand, harmonic and register (timbre) changes, motivic development, spaced out intervals and chords, and polyphony.

Structurally, I used a modified sonata-allegro form that feels as such from the emotional and psychological relieve that the music brings, and not coming from a traditional use of key signatures. For example, the recapitulation brings back the calmness and comfort of the initial exposition theme and feels like coming home after the restlessness of the development, which is not about fighting themes or fragments of themes, but more of a sensation of being away from home. The second theme is almost like a memory in the recap but in a simpler harmonic language sounding more major and optimistic, as if providing resolution. The emphasis at the end (and the coda) is on the wide spaced intervallic motive which I took from Image (from Portraits) and was one of my favourites as well as Jaeden. This motive is very important in the whole piece. In general, all the motives I use help to create and determine the structure of the piece.

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