Portraits II for flute, violin, cello and piano (1999/2003)

Duration: 17′
Arranged for Quarteto Sereno and premiered on June 11, 2003, by Quarteto Sereno at the Gustav Luebcke Museum Hamm (Germany) in honor of a Picasso Exhibition.

Version of Portraits II for clarinet, violin, cello and piano available.

Published by Hidden Oaks Music Company.

Voces de mi tierra for flute, cello and piano (2003)

Duration: 18’30”
Written, for the Meininger-Trio.
Premiered at the 15th International Bodensee Festival in Meersburg, Germany, on May 24, 2003.
Performance History

Voces de mi tierra is a tribute to my native country and to the Spanish music that I love so much. Even though the melodies are distinctively Spanish I have not borrowed from Spanish music folklore.

I.    El Cortejo (Courtship)
II.   Noche en la Alhambra (Night in the Alhambra)
III. La moza y el gitano (Scherzando) (The peasant and the gypsy)
IV. Gigue 

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Published by Friedrich Hofmeister Musik Verlag.

Voices of the Rainforest for flute, cello and piano (2008)

Duration: 23′
Commissioned and premiered by the Meininger-Trio at Nachtmusik – WDR Broadcasting Station in Cologne (Germany) on March 15, 2008.

I.    Awakening
II.  Sago gatherers
III. Evening storm
IV.  Voices of inside night
V.   Night spirits

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Published by Friedrich Hofmeister Musik Verlag.

Goyescas for flute, viola and piano (2009)

Duration: 20′
This is an arrangement of the piece of the same title (Goyescas) for flute & guitar. The flute & guitar version was written for flutist Marina Piccinini and guitarist Emanuele Segre
It was premiered on January 23, 2009 at the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society.
The flute, viola and piano arrangement was made for Ensemble Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain. It was premiered on June 28, 2009 at the International Music Festival of Sitges (Concerts de Mitjanit)

I.     Pregón
II.    La familia de Carlos IV (The family of Charles IV)
III.   Las majas en el balcón (The maiden on the balcony)
IV.   El sueño (The dream)
V.  La fragua (The foundry)
VI. El entierro de la sardina (The burial of the sardine)

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Published by Friedrich Hofmeister Musik Verlag.

Sonata for flute and piano (1996)

Duration: 15′
Commissioned by Tallon Perkes, principal flutist of the San Antonio Symphony.
World premiere by Tallon Perkes and the composer at the New Music Festival at the University of Texas at San Antonio in March 1997.
New York premiere by Tallon Perkes and the composer at the 1996 National Flute Convention in New York City in August 1996.
European premiere at the Lochotinsky Pavilon in Plzen, Czechoslovakia in December 1996.
Asian premiere of the first movement at the United Nations Conference on Women’s Rights in BeijingChina: Kuumba Stage in Huiarou (September 8,1995) and Lon Shan Auditorium in Huiarou (September 7, 1995) performed by flutist Barbara Siesel and the composer.
Performance History 

I. Allegro con spirito 
II. Largo 
III. Scherzo 
IV. Allegro molto con brio 

Published by Alphonse Leduc &Cie.

Andante Appassionato for flute solo (1996)

Duration: 5’20”
Commissioned by Tallon Sterling Perkes, principal flutist of the San Antonio Symphony.
World premiere by Tallon Perkes at the San Antonio Museum of Art, TX, in November 1996.
Asian premiere by Tallon Perkes at the Oguni Art Museum in Kumamoto, Japan, in April 1998.


“An unabashedly romantic work infused with dynamic rhythmic intensity and evocative melodies requiring a soulful and virtuosic temperament.” Tallon Sterling Perkes

Published by Alphonse Leduc &Cie.

Mirage, for solo piano (1997)

Duration: 9’30”
Commissioned for the 1997 San Antonio International Piano Competition in Memory of Andrew Russell Gurwitz.
World premiere by pianist Roger Wright at the Ruth Taylor Hall at Trinity University, San Antonio, TX, in October 1997.
New York premiere at Merkin Recital Hall by San Antonio International Piano Competition Gold Medalist Mi-Jung Im in March 1998.
Asian premiere at Kumamoto College of Music in Japan performed by the composer in April 1998.

“Virtuosic work that makes equal demands on a pianist’s technique, lyricism and sense of form.” San Antonio Express-News.


“Mirage”  Audio 

Published by Hidden Oaks Music Company.


Lyric scenes for the young for solo piano (1999)

Duration: 6 ‘
Commissioned by Dr. Francis Kane of San Antonio.

Six contrasting lyrical and generally slow paced pieces with an introspective quality.
Late intermediate level.

I. The little soldier
II. Andalusian landscape
III. Remembrance
IV. Children at play
V. A far away kingdom
VI. Catch me if you can.

Published by Hidden Oaks Music Company.

Portraits I for solo piano (2000)

Duration: 18-20′
Commissioned by the Texas Music Teachers Association and dedicated to pianist Roger Wright.
World premiere by Roger Wright at the 2000 TMTA State Convention in Austin, TX, June 10-14, 2000.
Shepherd Distinguished Composer of the Year Award from MTNA in 2001.
Performance history.

“It was a privilege to give the premiere of Portraits I, a richly colored multi-movement work by the gifted composer Elisenda Fabregas. Fabregas artfully suspends moods from evocative to plaintive and poignant to payful, with a style that is uniquely hers, while always attending to the overall scope in a convincing and refreshing manner. It is utterly pianistic – I adore it, and will perform it again and again.” Roger Wright

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I. Image (audio)
II. Capriccio (audio)
III. Lament (audio)
IV. Intermezzo (audio)
V. Toccata (audio)

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Album for the Young for piano (2002) (three books)

Duration: 29′

The album is a collection of thirty-four short pieces ranging from early to late intermediate level. They are organized in three books in order of difficulty. These pieces are one or two pages long and cover a wide range of styles: from Renaissance to contemporary in the first two books, and Spanish and Latin American idioms in the third book. Fingering, pedaling articulation marks and other performance indications are provided for each piece. The writing is melodic and non-polyphonic making it more accessible to the early intermediate student. All the pieces are usually in ABA form. All three books are available from Hidden Oaks Music Company.

“Here is real piano music imaginatively written with clever and interesting rhythms and beautiful harmonic coloring. It is a joy to have all three volumes of these pieces. Young students to adults will enjoy these eminently pianistic and delightful works that display a wide variety of styles.” Professor Maurice Hinson.

BOOK I (read more) 

The puppy dog, At the monastery, March of the tortoises, Waltz of the peacoks, Medieval monk’s chant, Elizabethan dance, Hide and seek, Echoes from the past, Drifting clouds (Homage to Debussy), A little goat, Song of the boatman, Platero, the baby donkey, Gigue (Homage to J.S. Bach).

BOOK II (read more) 

Enchanted mesa (A Native-American landscape), Merry-go-roung, Ragtime, Sicilienne, Joggin, Daydreams, Toccata, The soldier’s ghost, Woodpeckers at work, Cloudy day, The runaway clock, A breezy afternoon, Dance of the chipmunks.

BOOK III (read more) 

Spanish fiesta, Nana (Spanish lullaby), Sardana (Catalonian dance), Jota (dance of Northeast Spain), Habanera (Cuban/Spanish dance), Tango, Homage to Ginastera.

Published by Hidden Oaks Music Company.